odette selva

jewellery designer

odette selva – jewellery designer

having graduated from Holts Academy in 2015, I will be launching my first brand collections during the Dulwich Festival at the Artist Open House from 6th to 15th May 2016.

I am intrigued by the visual language of geometric shapes and by playing with their appearance I intend to create a dialogue between line and surface.

pieces consist of curves and straight lines which create negative and positive spaces.

for the development of my ideas I use precious metals and stones and the results are always unique and handcrafted.

influenced by art and beauty, my designs stem from sketches and models before resulting in final pieces.

I am also happy to discuss your ideas for a personal jewellery piece, repairs and the purchase of my collection pieces.

The photographs are by Silaja Birks Photography.

please contact me on +44 7956 534587 or use the contact form below